Full-stack freelance web developer specialized in creating fun, usable and maintanable websites & web applications with a sane code-structure. Specialized in Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS, but comfortable with basically anything not too hardware-oriented. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Helio Website

Co-Working, office-spaces & meeting rooms in Stockholm. Design by Johan Svensson.

Vinylkoll Website

Private project, an archive of vinyl record auctions on Swedish auction site Tradera

SNASK Website

Website for design agency SNASK. Design by SNASK.

Officeline — The Party Between Parties Website

Web application for Officeline where visitors could track their "party-buses" during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm. Design by Wolfgang.

Academic Work — Careerweb Website

Campaign website for Academic Work. Design by Folket / NAO Sthlm.

Filborna Arena Website

Website for Helsingborg-based fitness center Filborna Arena. Design by Wolfgang.

Vers Website

Frontend development. Webshop for Vers, a company selling portable wooden speakers. Design by Wolfgang.

Academic Work Website

Frontend development for Academic Work's website. Design by Wolfgang.

Telenor — Melodifestivalen Android App

Together with Story By Machine I created an interactive karaoke-system, which included a karaoke app for Android that together with a custom-written server created interactive videos of the participants, giving the impression they were superstars.

iManagement Website / E-learning platform

Website & e-learning platform for iManagement. Design by Wolfgang.

Liljebergs Webshop

Webshop for Liljebergs, which is a collection of images based on photos of Göran Liljeberg. Design by SNASK.


Carbonwhite creates 3D images and visualizations of apartments and houses for housing developers. I created a project management system for them, along with a web application for creating embeddedable interactive javascript-maps, like this one for JM or this one for JM Norway.

Simris Alg Website

Website for Simris Alg, a swedish company that grows algae. Design by SNASK.