Full-stack freelance web developer specialized in creating fun, usable and maintanable websites & web applications with a sane code-structure. Specialized in Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS, but comfortable with basically anything not too hardware-oriented. Located in Stockholm, Sweden.


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SNASK Website

Website for design agency SNASK. Design by SNASK.

Officeline — The Party Between Parties Website

Web application for Officeline where visitors could track their "party-buses" during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in Stockholm. Design by Wolfgang.

Academic Work — Careerweb Website

Campaign website for Academic Work. Design by Folket / NAO Sthlm.

Filborna Arena Website

Website for Helsingborg-based fitness center Filborna Arena. Design by Wolfgang.

Vers Website

Frontend development. Webshop for Vers, a company selling portable wooden speakers. Design by Wolfgang.

Academic Work Website

Frontend development for Academic Work's website. Design by Wolfgang.

Telenor — Melodifestivalen Android App

Together with Story By Machine I created an interactive karaoke-system, which included a karaoke app for Android that together with a custom-written server created interactive videos of the participants, giving the impression they were superstars.

iManagement Website / E-learning platform

Website & e-learning platform for iManagement. Design by Wolfgang.

Liljebergs Webshop

Webshop for Liljebergs, which is a collection of images based on photos of Göran Liljeberg. Design by SNASK.


Carbonwhite creates 3D images and visualizations of apartments and houses for housing developers. I created a project management system for them, along with a web application for creating embeddedable interactive javascript-maps, like this one for JM or this one for JM Norway.

Simris Alg Website

Website for Simris Alg, a swedish company that grows algae. Design by SNASK.